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July 16 at 8:02pm


Hi Derryn,

I write to you on your Facebook page today in the hope that you will respond to my desperation.

I have been concerned about the plight of asylum seekers incarcerated by our government for several years now.

My concern has gone way beyond pointing out that these people are entitled under conventions Australia has signed to come here and claim asylum. I am now overwhelmed by the sadness and
anger. My country claims to be humane and democratic but locks people (including children) in conditions which would not rach the minimum standards of a high security prison in other civilized countries.

I asK you to please read the following article. Once done please get back to me about how me and other ordinary citizens who find our governments behaviour reprehensible can proceed in dignety and integraty to move towards chinging what is happening.

I appeal to you because you have at times taken your beliefs seriously enough to act when others may have faltered.

I thank you in anticipation.

Dr. Jill Parris

by Julian Burnside | Jul 7, 2016 | Asylum Seekers, Human Rights | 2 comments I have received several reports in the past few days which show just how bad things are…

Dear Facebook friends

I see that you are tired of hearing about those we have been locked out of site illegally and I wish I no longer needed to post this stuff.

But for my sanity and self-respect I must continue.

Please stand by those who are forgotten for to give up compromises our humanity.




The essence of and email sent to to Senator Hinch this afternoon.

Please Sir

A post in today’s FB feed highlights the unbarable pain of those who are detained.

“These are very difficult days for our friends in detention.

A poem by a friend incarcerated in Nauru expresses the pain of indefinite detention and the effects of politics on the caged human spirit.”

“I’m always begging my tears to stop
But my heart allows them to fall
just to reduce the pain”

These words come directly from the poem of a man in detention.
Please you who govern listen to them and take heed.
Your hateful incarceration of innocents who seek asylum must stop.



Dear Ms Parris,

Thank you for your kind support and for taking the time to write to me regarding the treatment of refugees and asylum seekers on Manus Island and Nauru.

As you may be aware, the Labor National Conference resolved to support off shore processing based on the principles of ensuring safety at sea, stopping the predatory behaviour of people smugglers and ensuring genuine refugees get a second chance. Labor policy supports a regional processing framework as Australia on its own has limited capacity to process and resettle the growing number of asylum seekers and refugees.
This does not absolve the Government from their fundamental responsibility to ensure that people on Nauru or Manus Island are treated humanely, and with dignity. I will continue to call for the Government to engage in a proper regional approach to the asylum seeker issue through the Bali process and to lift its game in its treatment of people who seek asylum.
We do not believe the government is running offshore processing in the way we would, or the way Australians would expect and this has been confirmed in the Senate report. Genuine refugees are vulnerable people, fleeing persecution. They are not ‘illegals’ and fleeing persecution is never a crime. When asylum seekers are in an Australian-funded facility – even if overseas – Australia still has a duty of care. Languishing in indefinite detention is not a humane solution and there is no place whatsoever, in Australian-funded facilities, for violence, for inhumane or degrading treatment.
Men, women and children in Australian-funded facilities must be treated in a dignified, humane manner and housed in a safe environment. Where children are in detention, often because they are with their families awaiting processing, Labor believes they should be afforded the best available health care, education and social support services. This includes making sure appropriate care is on hand for their emotional wellbeing.

I support every effort to continue the work that began under the former Labor Government in moving children and their families out of detention and into the community as soon as humanly possible. Labor absolutely supports the principle that children should only be in detention for as long as it takes to undertake health, identity and security checks. It is also important that we keep family units together where ever possible.

I have been a long standing advocate for the humane treatment of refugees and asylum seekers and I will continue to advocate for that position within the Labor caucus and more widely within the party.

Please be assured I will also, along with my parliamentary colleagues, continue to hold the government to account for the appalling way children and people on Nauru and Manus Island are being treated.

Thank you again for taking the time to write to me on this important and complex issue.

Yours faithfully,
Senator the Hon. Doug Judy Cameron


Dear Senator Cameron
Thank you for your speedy reply and for voicing your party’s policy.
At present my primary concern is with advocationg that all those who are detained in present offshore facilities ( some for well over three years) are given the opportunity to begin new lives either here or in a comparable democratic country able to offer them hope, rehabilitation and a genuine future. I ask you please to take mine and the voice of many other advocates to parliament.
Yours sincerely,
Jill Parris


July 13 at 1:05pm · Melbourne ·

· Politics

Dear Julie

Congratulations on your reelection to parliament.

I write to you today because I am incensed that you and your government choose to uphold the United Nations recommendations and sanctions when this suits your agenda but ignore them when this does not suits your purpose.

Your agreement that we accept, believe and work with the UN in relation to China’s claims and incursions into the South China Sea but to totally ignore convensions we as a country have signed in relation to those who seek asylum from the devestation begun when we joined others to wage war against UN sanction in Iraq is hypocritical.

As recently highlighted in the news the war on Iraq was built on the lie of “weapons of mass destruction.” Australia’s Prime Minister Howard was complicit in this war.

Now suddenly it suites us to accept the UN’s decisions.

Which way do you wish to jump. Either we are part of a cooperative world or not.

The United Nations is not simply a bunch of grapes from wich we can pluck the fruit that suits our political taste. Or is your government so beholden the highest bidder that we can do nothing but go with the dictates of whoever truely pulls the strings?

It seems to me that Australia has simply sold it’s sovrenity to the highest bidder. Is this the case?

Yours sincerely.

Dr Jill Parris



To anyone who want’s a push to write to the new Senate.

Dear Senator XXX,
I write to you early in your term of office for a very specific reason but before I do so I wish to congratulate you on your election to the Australian Senate of 2016.
I am among many Australian citizens who are concerned with the treatment of Asylum Seekers in on- and offshore detention centres and who await resolution of asylum claims within the Australian Community.
In this email I do not wish to argue the rights of these people or our obligations to them but rather to bring Australia’s handling of this policy into question.
At present we spend billions of dollars on processes which bring our nation into disrepute and immeasurably harm people by excessive delays in a process that could and should be handled as quickly and judiciously as possible for the sake of all parties.
I ask you as a representative of the people of Australia to raise this issue as soon as possible and ensure that it is addressed post haste.
I thank you in anticipation.
Sincerely yours,
Jill Parris.



Jill Paris – What an amazing post! Thank you for your courage in stating so beautifully and poignantly the mind numbing enormity of the current challenge to our humanity. In such a space even the mundane requires a heroic effort of will, the everyday heroism of we, people of little influence -repeated here and there like fireflies in the darkness. Alone in our insignificance,yet in refusing to bow to our own feelings of inadequacy we create something greater than ourselves -together. The lone firefly is an utterly vital part of a living symphony of light and hope. Without you in it, it is less than whole. I have no answers but know that in the space of my not knowing -anything becomes possible. That includes my seeing God reflected in your courage and your stand. Thanks for showing me his address.


Dear Facebook Friends
Yesterday I wrote to our friends on Manus and Nauru asking if they have any ideas for a way forward and this is a message I got in return.
I have removed one line because it was identifying of that person.
I ask you please to work with me to honour her request.
I will start writing to all Senators tomorrow.
Thank you and happy writing.
Jill Parris.
“hello dear friend my idea is ask your friends to send emails to Senate about offshore and ask them to stop it if the receive lots email the will know first thing is offshore for any new plan for new government and they will know still you think and care about offshore and please please in 19 July remain government we finished 3 years in detention and its not fair all thired now I don’t have any new solution to do for recovery i stopped anti depressant Im not iron i need normal life like all its what all my friends needs in nauru and manus thank you
best regards”

I wish to know what happens in detention.

1,859 signatures are still needed!

Dear Heroes on Manus and Nauru.
Please know that I am with you. If you have any suggestions ofr how we should proceed in the light of the election please contact.
Jill Parris


To my Facebook friends.

I am desperate to find some solution for my friends in detention or awaiting government approval of visas.

I honestly don’t know how to continue this struggle so please if you have God’s address respond.

If you don’t spread the word, share, gossip this issue at every opportunity.

There must be a way forward.

In hope.


Dear God,

Please excuse my impertinence but I no longer know where to take my pleas.

During the Australian election I have thrown considerable effort into advocating for those our government incarcerates because they come by sea.

I have read books written on the rise of fascism. I have listened to broadcasts and watched innumerable TV expositions on the millions of asylum seekers cast adrift like flotsam on the shores of supposed friendly countries and I have seen footage of suicide bombers

and of Americans going on shooting sprees.
With all these issues continually before me I sit dumbfounded.

How do I , an old lady of little influence, continue to hope and work towards change?

I hear your call to care for my neighbour but no longer know how.

I await your response.

In anticipation.




Dear Mr Shorten,

Firstly condolences on your loss.

This election was long but you and your party seemed exhilarated from beginning to end. I must admit to being sad that Labor lost this election despite finding it necessary to do as much as I could to persuade people against voting for you because of your asylum seeker policy.

I know that my work and the work of others did make a difference and possibly a decisive difference to your seat wins. I also know from many conversations that there were many among your supporters who felt very uncomfortable about your policy. I believe that your asylum seeker policy cost you this election.

Be that as it may you and your party now enter a new parliament and I trust that you will uphold your promises to do as much as possible in opposition to ensure the issues you promised to safeguard will get your full attention.

I have a further request.

Please help find some resolution to asylum seeker policy that will shift the issue closest to my heart. The people trapped in the limbo of detention (on and off shore) or awaiting visas in the community are no closer to freedom and a new life. This needs to change.


the lives of those Australia’s policies trap, torture and sometimes kill need to change
our self-respect for ourselves as Australians needs saving
3. our reputation as world citizens needs salvaging.

You Mr Shorten have a huge job ahead but I ask you to rise above the fray and take this issue of conscience seriously.

I again thank you in anticipation.

Dr Jill Parris.


Dear Prime Minster Turnbull

Firstly congratulations on your win.

This election was long and I am sure exhausting for you and your party.

I too worked hard throughout this time but sadly the issue closest to my heart got little coverage and the people trapped in the limbo of detention (on and off shore) or awaiting visas in the community are no closer to freedom and a new life. For me the blight of Australia’s asylum seeker (border protection) policies dims any hope for equality or respect in our country’s future.

There is nothing new in what I have stated. However during and in the week of waiting for election result two things have attracted attention:

World news again highlighted the uncomfortable fact that the war on Iraq was built on the lie of “weapons of mass destruction.” Australia’s Prime Minister Howard was complicit in this war, started without United Nations sanction.

This uncomfortable fact reinforces the obscenity of our asylum seeker policies. We remain members of the United Nations despite having defied them in going to war. Now while we are still members we defy our obligations by incarcerating souls who have been driven from their lands by ongoing turmoil which we instigated.

I suggest, sir, that in the light of “our illegitimate wars” we took on the role of aggressors or “terrorists.”

Local news highlights the misuse of many 457 visas to bring in cheap labour to undercut the wages of Australian workers. These news programs suggested that the “Stop the Boats Asylum Seeker Policy” was used as a decoy to hide the misuse of both 457 visas and overstayers who came to Australia by plane. Many of these overstayers are from Europe and white.

In the light of the above I must confess to feeling very sad about Australia’s prospects but I write this letter in good faith.

You Mr Prime Minister have a huge job ahead but I ask you please to rise above the fray and begin:
1. to consider how to redress our misconduct as world citizens
2. to tackle the greed of employers who misuse our immigration laws
3. confront the racism which screams loud with the reelection of Pauline Hanson.

I again thank you in anticipation.

Dr Jill Parris.


Charlestallion Selman
Yesterday at 1:50pm ·
· Thoughts
Last night I witnessed one of the most disturbing and moving films I have ever seen. Chasing Asylum is showing at a number of cinemas around Melbourne and Australia. It is a powerful and damning insight into Australian refugee policy and I cant stress enough the potential it has for opening the minds and hearts of the citizens of Australia. I was speechless when leaving the cinema and close to tears. Hugs were exchanged after a long period of silence. A few mates and I then grabbed some crates and sat on the street attempting to articulate the horror and deep unease that had been sparked by what we had just seen. It is this that so pertinently indicates how important works like these are in driving intellectual and emotional discourse on shit that really matters. In attempting to articulate our potent emotional responses through discussion and inquiry we arrived at a better, more informed and stronger viewpoint. The ability of such a film to generate inquiry and intellectual impetus is such a testament to its worth. If you haven’t already seen it, I urge you to grab your friends, partners, children, grandparents and selves and go see Chasing Asylum.
Chasing Asylum – The film the Australian government doesn’t want you to see.

Dear Misters Turnbull and Shorten,

Having worked from the depth of my being to hang parliament I now feel compelled to explain my disillusionment once more.

Thirty six years ago I was overwhelmed when Australia offered my family safe haven in a generous democracy.

Tampa shook my trust but this parliament of 2013 to 2016 has shaken my soul and I believe that government and opposition together are complicit in eroding democracy.

For me as for many others fear has grown as we have watched our leaders undermine the rule of law and defy international sanction to build and uphold an asylum seekers policy which is evil. To deliberately harm people who legitimately seek protection harms even those who support it.

Sirs, you both claim a desire to serve your people. Take heed. This policy is inhumane. Inhumanity builds distrust and I believe that this is what has led the electorate to show their disillusionment.

Please learn from us while Australia is still open and democratic.

I thank you in anticipation.

Dr Jill Parris


Dear Friends thank you,

Once upon a time, an ant was walking up a tall grass leaf as an elephant walked past and he ended up on the elephants leg. He climbed up the leg, along the elephant’s back, and as he reached the elephant’s neck the elephant crossed a rope bridge across a river. When the ant reached the elephant’s ear, he said to the elephant “we sure shook that bridge!”

Love Jill


I am grateful that some politicians seem to be listening to the clear anger of the electorate. Now I hope that whoever finally holds power will find a viable and humane end to the illegal incarceration of asylum seekers in off and onshore detention.

Jan H van Rooyen's photo.

To my friends on Manus and Nauru

Hi Heroes,

As I said the evening before Australia’s election I will not spend much time on Facebook for this week but with the uncertainty of the election I want you all to know that I am thinking of you.

I am sure that you like me are nervous as you wait for the final outcome of the Australian election. More Limbo for you and I guess this is tainted with disillusion as you hear very little about any concern for your plight. We are truely an inward looking people.

Please know that I among many others still think about, care and wish to help stop your illegal, inhumane incarceration.

My motto remains:
1. Close the camps
2. Bring them here
3. Take responsibility for your rehabilitation.

Take care of each other my friends and remember that you are not illegal and that the world is watching.

Peace be with you all.




July 1

1 sleep


All that is left to say is

Please look at this before you vote…/gillian-triggs:-australia-c…/7365780

Now here is a link to make your own HOW TO VOTE CARD



Jill Parris's photo.

Dear Manus and Nauru Heroes
After my post tomorrow I intend to take a break from Facebook. Please know I have not forgotten you. It is just that I have to attend to myself and my family for a while.
I will still think about and pray for you.
Jill Parris



2 sleeps


Malcolm Turnbull, Bill Shorten, George Brandis, Peter Dutton, Scott Morrison and Julie Bishop all self-identify as Christians.

So when you vote please consider their promises against what their Bible requires of them.

Do they live by their professed rules?

Micah 6:8
“He has told you, O ‘people, what is good; and what does the LORD require of you but to do justice, and to love kindness, and to walk humbly with your God?”

Jeremiah 22:3
“This is what the Lord says: Do what is just and right. Rescue from the hand of the oppressor the one who has been robbed. Do no wrong or violence to the foreigner, the fatherless or the widow, and do not shed innocent blood in this place.”

Luke 10:25-37
“Behold, a certain lawyer stood up and tested him, saying, “Teacher, what shall I do to inherit eternal life?”
He said to him, “What is written in the law? How do you read it?”
He answered, “You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, with all your strength, with all your mind and your neighbour as yourself.”
He said to him, “You have answered correctly. Do this, and you will live.”
But he, desiring to justify himself, asked Jesus, “Who is my neighbour?”

Jesus answered, “A certain man was going down from Jerusalem to Jericho, and he fell among robbers, who both stripped him and beat him, and departed, leaving him half dead. By chance a certain priest was going down that way. When he saw him, he passed by on the other side. In the same way a Levite also, when he came to the place, and saw him, passed by on the other side. But a certain Samaritan, as he travelled, came where he was. When he saw him, he was moved with compassion, came to him, and bound up his wounds, pouring on oil and wine. He set him on his own animal, and brought him to an inn, and took care of him. On the next day, when he departed, he took out two denarii, and gave them to the host, and said to him, ‘Take care of him. Whatever you spend beyond that, I will repay you when I return.’ Now which of these three do you think seemed to be a neighbour to him who fell among the robbers?”
He said, “He who showed mercy on him.”
Then Jesus said to him, “Go and do likewise.”



I CAN NOT so I will vote to

Thank you Marilyn Beech for identifying these passages.

Jill Parris's photo.

Hi Manus Hereos and Ben
I want you to know that I will be thinking about and praying for you tomorrow.
Jill Parris


3 sleeps


Di Natale said on Sunday: “Don’t for a moment listen to those people who are currently in those seats who think that they’re entitled to them, who think we don’t have a right to stand against them”.

“Those seats belong to the community and the community will decide about who represents them,”

We are the community and it is our right and responsibility to take our vote seriously. FOR ME THIS MEANS VOTING FOR THE GREENS WHO WILL

Jill Parris's photo.


On the one hand Mr Turnbull claims credit for “saving people” from having to live in detention centres and on the other he denies any responsibility for them being there.
Which one is it sir?

Jill Parris's photo.
Hi Manus and Narau Heroes,
Life seems very volatile and scary here and my guess is that everything is blown up much bigger for you because your only window on the world is through TV and FB.
These days asylum seekers and refugees are blamed for so many of the worlds problems and it must be unbearable for you to hear again and again that “YOU” are at fault for things completely beyond your control.
I want you to know that whatever happens there are many supporters in Australia who care deeply about your plight and who work tirelessly to keep your voices heard and respected.
It is my guess that this feels futile in the face of all your suffering but I still wish to join my voice with others again and say “WE” know you are innocent and caught in a cruel, unjust and senseless trap set by uncaring and unreachable government who use you as pawns.
With the Australian election and more importantly your legal battles looming in PNG your worries will be increased. I will hope with you and please know whatever the outcome there are many who do care.
Peace be with you my friends as you face the fear and excitement of the next days.
Jill Parris



Democracy is about us making an informed decision about the future of our country and having a real input into Australia’s future direction.

All information taken from:…/

WHEN YOU VOTE: Take your list with you and vote for AT LEAST six parties above the line or 12 candidates below the line

In the Senate you should ONLY put a number next to parties and candidates that you DO support.

DO use your list to vote for at least six parties of your choice above the line or 12 candidates below the line

DO vote ONLY for parties that you support

DON’T just vote ‘1’ – if you do, you are wasting your vote
Even if you have a preferred party you vote for (like the ALP), you should still come up with a list of five or six minor parties/independents you would support after the ALP. Your vote will always count

towards your first preference party until it no longer can – and will only be allocated to your second preference party once the last candidate in your preferred party is no longer in contention.

DON’T put parties you don’t support last
The ONLY time you should do this in the Senate is if you number ALL the boxes (either above or the below the line). Otherwise, you should just not vote for parties you don’t support at all. Whatever you do, don’t put a ‘6’ next to the LNP because you are only voting for 6 parties and want to put them last. This is actually a vote FOR the LNP and not against them.

Jill Parris's photo.

4 sleeps


In primitive societies, human sacrifice is practiced to entrench the power of the elite.

“Human sacrifice may seem brutal and bloody by modern social standards, but it was a common in ancient societies.”

Read more:…/Human-sacrifice-played-key-rol…
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I share a request from Imran and ask you to consider how this will effect your vote.

Hi my dear Jill Parris,

I have written a booklet on the atrocities of these policies. It is impossible to describe a place like Manus. I have completed research about how the human brain functions when it is pushed to the limits. As a survivor, I know we are pushed every day to our limit in this minefield and our brain suffers more than we know. I would like to spread this horrid experience with whole world with your help, so that people comprehend how Australia’s immigration policy towards refugees and asylum seekers is torturous and immoral. It eats away at peoples physical and mental wellbeing and we have been thrown away on a remote and dangerous island, like human trash. Your support and willingness would give a voice to the people who desperately need help from this world.

There is a page on Facebook in which I have posted my booklet. It’s called ” The cry of a voice in Isolation”. I would like you to like the page so that you can read the booklet.

Please share it as widely as possible so that people can comprehend what has been happing on Manus Island with vulnerable people. It will give the reader a clear picture of our lives over the last three years.

Thank you.
Kind regards.


Julie Grint Yes Jill Parris they seem to be born consummate liars. Funny how employers are very rarely prosecuted for underpaying and exploiting their workers. 7/11 workers, trolley collectors working for Woolworths, cleaners working for Myers, delivery drivers working for Australia post the list goes on. Yet the LNP seems hell bent on prosecuting and persecuting unions and union leaders in an effort to end union power.


June 27

Two follow up clips about VISA FRAUD…/election-2016-labor-demands-answers……/corruption-and-crime-syndicates-thr…

5 sleeps


While the government has aimed the full strength of BORDER FORCE at stopping the boats it has used 457 visas to shore up it’s business model of undercutting Australian wages.

It brings in “economic refugees” to work at sub award wages.…/confessions-of-an-immigration-of…

Jill Parris's photo.

7 sleeps


Can’t blame me for the LIBS mate I didn’t even vote!

A spoilt ballot is half a vote for the status quo.

Jill Parris's photo.

Don’t want to be saying sorry to your kids and grand kids after the election.

Vote with compassion NOW

Then any compassionate independent
Second Last Labour
Last Liberal

I hope you do the same so we can achieve a

 Jill Parris's photo.


8 sleeps

BREXIT – another sign of movement to the right but lets not get distracted.AUSTRALIA’S OFFSHORE DETENTION CENTRES ARE CONCENTRATION CAMPS.

The Germans claimed they didn’t know.
Don’t do the same thing.

We are responsible as voters.

Jill Parris's photo.


9 sleeps

As a democracy every one of us in Australia is responsible for our government’s actions.

We are holding innocent people simply for the satisfaction of showing we have the power to do it.

Do you want this to stop?


Jill Parris's photo.


It is about time both Liberals and Labour parties started behaving like adults.
We the electorate are not as stupid as you think.
With behaviour like this neither of you is fit to govern.

Jill Parris's photo.
10 sleeps
Down the home strait to the election now.
Watching news and politics in Australia closely for two months I have become cynical about many politicians but on the other hand I have met some wonderful, generous, hopeful, forward thinkers who will contribute a great deal to Australia’s future.
I have learned that they have open minds and hearts and care deeply about our democracy, our all encompassing multicultural character and the world beyond our shores.
It is my hope that together we can reclaim the Australia I have grown to love since arriving 36 years ago. If each of us takes stock and demands what is right from those who govern then surely we will regain our credibility as the land of a fair go.
Ah but here is my dilemma I have befriended a young man. We text each other with a small message each day. A while ago he told me he was not well. Today he told me he is not well in body or mind. This is a cry for help and I know texting is not enough but we have no other way of communicating because he is in offshore detention and I am here.
Will Australia’s fair go come quickly enough for him? I truely hope so.
Jill Parris's photo.

I would appreciate people reading and sharing the following.
It reflects exactly what I have been talking about.
Our government is out of control.

See More

Jill Parris's photo.

June 20 at 5:18pm · Melbourne ·

12 sleeps
Mr Turnbull
Julian Burnside a human rights lawyer reminds us that Australia’s treatment of asylum seekers who arrive here by boat has a few distinctive and disfiguring features. It is based on dishonesty and hypocrisy; it is intentionally cruel; it is absurdly expensive; it is not in keeping with our national character, which is why your government hides the facts from us.
Melissa Parks, a former UN lawyer says Australia has caused asylum seekers who arrive here by boat enough suffering, that “this is a sick game” and that “it needs to end.” She continues “Australia must “plan for what is going to happen, and the most logical thing to do is to bring those people to Australia.”
Why not act now for refugee week, bring all offshore political prisoners here from Nauru and Manus and save government the international humiliation of having removals forced on Australia by outside intervention. Offer an amnesty and start again with humane policies that work.
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13 sleeps
We are finally seeing young people who will vote for the first time speak about their wishes for our country. They are telling us loudly and clearly that those in power have ignored their interests of too long.
The issues they voiced included climate change, housing, jobs and our attitudes to asylum seekers as among their priorities.

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14 sleeps

Dear compatriots,

I so admire all of you who continue to hope and fight for the freedom of the political prisoners on Manus and Nauru and you who quietly work at supporting other asylum seekers who live in Limbo in Australia.

As I watch the progress of the interminable march towards the June 2nd election for a government to lead us into the next three years I tremble.

I tremble because this campaign is so inwardly focused on our nation with almost no concern for our place as world citizens. Many candidates do not seem to care either about clime change or about Australia as a partner working towards a global solution for the millions of asylum seekers who flee wars and oppression around the world. Liberal and Labor see us as so self absorbed that they avoid any response to our questions on those imprison illegally in offshore detention.

So where to from here. I say to myself stay strong keep this important issue constantly before our politicians. Work on. But internally I tremble and worry about what we will do next to save those we have imprisoned out of site, for our reputation as a nation and as importantly for our “rule of law” which has become a victim in this obscene fight to “keep them out.”

I stand still, but I waver.

Thank you all for your constant reminders that what we do is of the utmost importance.

Jill Parris.

15 sleeps

Dear Heroes on Manus and Nauru.

I have just come away from listening to the Facebook debate between Turnbull and Shorten about our forthcoming election. Their argument was robust and their combative style engaging but alas it has left me devastate.

Devastated because Asylum Seeker issues were totally neglected. I and I am sure many others had sent in questions hoping to raise our concerns for you who have been warehoused in hell. But our great and gracious leaders simply don’t care.

I do not know what else to say except please use every possibility of raising your plight with the international community. What we do is unforgivable and as Australian’s we must be held to account.

I will continue praying and I guess that tomorrow I will find some strength to go on. But for now I will escape int the fantasy of Calvin and Hobbs and shut out the horrid reality of what we do as a nation.

To my friends who work tirelessly together to hold our government to account,

I believe we need to regroup and look for other ways to fight this fight. I think of Schindler, The French Resistance, Mandela and Gandhi but right now I am bereft of ideas except for a fantasy of an “Operation Entebbe” look alike.

What are your dreams? Is there any way we can find a real solution?

Of course we all pin our hopes on you Ben and pray for your success. Please God this is step one in moving the mountain.

Until tomorrow. Goodnight friends I am off to cavort with Calvin and Hobbs in the sun drenched sky.

Jill Parris

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June 16 · Melbourne ·

Just over 15 sleeps.
I have just been watching the 7pm ABC news and am furious.
Please understand I do not condone cruelty to man or animal.
Having said this I cannot stomach the hypocrisy. We are horrified at how other countries treat our cattle exports while we continue to support the torture, rape, abuse and violence towards people who are in offshore detention at the behest of our government and supported by the Labor opposition.
Shame on you.
This is for me the darkest of nights.
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 June 16 · Melbourne ·
Hi Bill and Harry
Thank you for your very clear statement that you will remove TPVs and immediately end the Limbo in which thousands of asylum seekers now live. I am pleased that our strong advocacy has been sympathetically heard.
It is sad that I find it hard to believe you will follow through when in power because you have spent so much time parroting Liberal policy.
Having said this I ask that you take another compassionate step and include in your policy an amnesty for all in detention either in Australia or in offshore camps.
This is so important for us as a nation as for those trapped by the abominable policy our government now has.
I will not go through all the reasons I have catalogued before because you know them well.
I await your new step with bated breath.
Thanks in anticipation.
Dr Jill Parris.

16 sleeps . . .

Seems to me that there is no give in either the Libs or Labor when it comes to the illegal detention of people seeking asylum who have come by boat.

So there is no way forward but to vote for the Greens or independents.

Jill Parris's photo.
 June 15 · Melbourne ·


Another one for Bill and Harry

Hi Harry,

My and your letters have been getting a lot of coverage on Facebook and Twitter. Please tell Bill I intend to keep at him in the hope that he will see sense.

What I have shown below are a few of many, many responses I have had. And then of course there is what is being said on the many shares I do not see.

Dear Harry, The reply you sent does not include a plan for the 3000 or so men, women and children on Manus and Nauru. Would Bill Shoten and the Labour party bring those people to Australia and settle them here.
* Rubbish Harry did not address Jill’s concerns.
* Typical political bureaucrat.
* Very long, Nothing new. I loved Bill on Q&A. It’s a real shame they are not listening.
* Bullshit Harry. May I share on Twitter please Jill?
* That is exactly the problem; both the major two parties are guilty This is why the rise of the Greens and NXT is becoming a realistic choice, there is no law against being independent and running for election in any seat or even the senate and Australian voters are awakening to this. Do not believe Turnbullshit when he says chicken little lies about the sky falling just because his party is not re-elected! The truth is that more sensible and balanced laws and policy are made when independents have a say in the process and are not a bunch of led sheep like both major party’s simply are. The toppling of a PM was shown in ’07, every single MP dreads that loss of their privilege and power disappearing overnight and is the only thing that spurs them. We can united bring them back from Manus and Nauru!

I will keep this up because I am adamant that our country must change before it is too late for the people we have illegally detained, tortured, humiliated and traumatised.

Please make sure Bill sees this.



June 14 · Melbourne ·

early for 17 sleeps cos I need time without FB

I don’t want a car salesman or a lousy money manager as PM
I want real leadership:
* from someone who takes our responsibility for harming those people we have incarcerated illegally in detention centres seriously 
* will bring them to Australia and address the harm done in detention and
develop a new bounded, respectful, humane refugee policy which complies with our obligations as world citizens
And thats just the beginning.
Other issues include climate change, health, economy, education ect.
As I said a real leader with VISION.

Jill Parris's photo.

Dear Harry

Thank you for your speedy reply but I am afraid it does not address the issues I have raised.

To be absolutely specific there are presently people in detention on Nauru, Manus and here in Australia who have been systematically traumatised by policies that have kept them indefinitely imprisoned in illegal, inhuman, circumstances. (for more than 1000 days in many cases)

It is Australia’s responsibility to rehabilitate these people, to assess their claims quickly and to accept them into Australia if they are refugees under the UN conventions we have signed.

I suggest an amnesty because this allows a new Shorten government a no blame way forward and out of the abominable situation created by indefinite detention. It also creates a circuit breaker and offers Australia an opportunity to learn and move forward to a new, defined, regulated and compassionate response to the worldwide refugee crisis.

We cannot move forward as a dignified nation until we take responsibility and ameliorate the harm done to those souls we have damaged.

This must be our starting point if we wish to have any credibility either as a nation or as part of the compassionate global community.

I expect Bill to show his capacity to lead in the difficult position he is applying for by addressing the damage caused to the political prisoners we have illegally incarcerated. If he cannot do this he is not the man I wish to see leading my country.

Your sincerely

Jill Parris


Dear Jill

Thank you for your correspondence regarding Labor’s immigration policy.

The contribution that migration has made to Australia needs to be properly acknowledged. We are a nation built on migration. The fabric of Australian society is richer from the experience of migration, including the contributions of those Australians who came here as refugees or asylum seekers.

The issue of those seeking asylum in Australia is very complex. According to the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), the number of displaced people fleeing from war, conflict or persecution and looking for a better future in other countries is the highest since World War II. An estimated 60 million individuals have been forced to flee their homes due to persecution, conflict, violence and human rights violations.

Labor believes that Australia can do more to address this global humanitarian crisis. Labor believes in a compassionate approach to asylum seekers which enables refugees to progress their claims safely and securely.

At last year’s ALP National Conference, Leader Bill Shorten and Shadow Minister for Immigration and Border Protection, Richard Marles, unveiled Labor’s immigration policy which is centred on a humane and compassionate approach to asylum seekers, while maintaining appropriate deterrents to prevent people smugglers preying on some of the world’s most vulnerable people.

This policy is focussed on Australia playing a greater role in the world with respect to asylum seekers and ensuring that we play our part in reducing the sum of global human misery.

A Shorten Labor Government will provide significantly increased annual funding to the UNHCR for its global work program and its work in South East Asia and the Pacific. At a time when the global humanitarian need is greater than ever, Labor will provide $450 million over three years to support the important work of the UNHCR. This funding commitment would place Australia in the top five global contributors to the UNHCR and is something of which all Australians can rightly be proud.

Labor also plans to take a leadership role within South East Asia and the Pacific to build a regional humanitarian framework to improve the situation of asylum seekers.

A Shorten Labor Government would also increase Australia’s annual humanitarian intake to 27,000 by 2025. This is almost double the current intake under the Turnbull Government of 13,750. As part of our commitment to demonstrating leadership in our region, a portion of the program will be dedicated to resettling refugees from the region.

In 2013, the former Labor Government implemented the Regional Resettlement Arrangement which severely restricted the ability of people smugglers in Indonesia to “sell” the journey to Australia. A Shorten Labor Government will stand firm on maintaining a policy of offshore processing to keep this perilous boat journey shut.

However, this does not mean that Labor believes these facilities should be run as punitive holding cells. The processing facilities on Manus Island and Nauru must be humane and offer people seeking safety exactly that.

Labor will also empower the Commonwealth Ombudsman to provide independent oversight of Australia’s onshore detention network and will continue to ensure that those working in the immigration system enjoy the benefit of whistleblower protections to speak out about any maladministration and corruption.

In the almost three years since the last federal election, it has become abundantly clear that the combination of offshore processing and regional resettlement, together with the policy of turning back boats, has stopped the flow of vessels arriving on our shores. None of these strategies could have succeeded in isolation but together they have ended a human tragedy. Provided it can be done so safely, a Labor Government will retain the option of turning boats around. This is a difficult decision but one which will save hundreds, ultimately thousands, of lives.

Labor understands this is an option that can be hard for some people to accept. But this journey was characterised by the people smugglers who made huge profits with the tragic result that 1200 people drowned on our border. Labor cannot and will not allow this human tragedy to unfold ever again.

Labor is absolutely committed to protecting the interests of children within the immigration detention system and will provide a strong independent voice within government to advocate for the interests of children seeking asylum. A Shorten Labor Government will appoint an advocate, independent of the Department of Immigration and Border Protection, backed by the resources and statutory powers necessary to pursue the best interests of those children, including the power to bring court proceedings on a child’s behalf.

This will not reduce the Minister’s obligations in relation to unaccompanied non-citizen children or the ability of other interested parties to take court action against the Minister. The Independent Children’s Advocate will have access to all unaccompanied minors in detention and in the community to ensure their rights and interests are protected. Labor will also legislate to impose mandatory reporting of child abuse in all offshore and onshore immigration detention facilities.

Finally, Labor will restore fast and fair processing of asylum claims for those people already living in Australia. This will see us reinstate references to the UN Refugees Convention in the Migration Act to reverse the Turnbull Liberal Government’s retrograde efforts to undermine international law. We will reinstate access to the Refugee Review Tribunal and abolish the Independent Assessment Authority established by the Turnbull Government.

A Shorten Labor Government will focus on removing people from detention as soon as possible, in particular children and their families.

We will abolish Temporary Protection visas, which keep people in a permanent state of limbo, and place those found to be genuine refugees on Permanent Protection visas.

Under the former Labor Government there was a statutory requirement for the Department of Immigration and Border Protection to report on how many claims were processed within 90 days of a completed application being received. The Turnbull Government abolished this. Labor will reintroduce the ’90-day rule’ into the Migration Act.

This package will provide for Australia to play the largest role it ever has in tackling the refugee crisis facing the world. At the same time it will prevent people dying at sea.

In summary, this policy is all about bringing more refugees here, but doing so safely.

To read more about what Labor stands for, visit

Kind regards
ALP Information Services Unit
Australian Labor Campaign Headquarters

We’re for a stronger, smarter, and fairer Australia.

June 14 ·

Dear Bill
I write to you as a constituent who has felt the need to work against your campaign this election.
After an exhausting 10 years of working in settlement services and in community for 30+ years I retired just over a year ago hoping to relax more but still give back in a gentler fashion. Unfortunately, because of the inhumanity of both major parties in relation to asylum seekers, this has not happened. I have been driven by my conscience to throw all my energies into supporting any candidates who oppose your intolerable, bipartisan approach.
Listening to you on Q&A last night I was overwhelmed. It was so good to hear you speaking to the electorate as intelligent, resourceful companions in the process of government that I found myself longing to be able to support you.
This is why I write to you with a possible alternative to your Asylum Seeker policy.
I suggest that you call an amnesty on this issue and find a way to integrate and rehabilitate all genuine refugees in onshore and offshore detention and those awaiting visas into our community.
In terms of the future I believe working with the UNHCR and transit countries to develop a clear process will restore our reputation in the world community and lead to good outcomes for both Australia and those seeking asylum.
I look forward to hear that you have considered and responded to my request.
Sincerely yours,
Dr. Jill Parris
(Please steal, share do anything you can to get this out there. Thanks)

June 13 ·

17 sleeps


I hate that any innocent person is in detention.

Taking this as read I cannot understand the following:

When Australians saw the mistreatment of live animals sent to Indonesia there was such an outcry that the government suspended the trade.
Why is there not the same outcry when the people we sent to Manus and Nauru are mistreated just as badly?

Jill Parris's photo.

June 13 ·

I had hoped that retirement would mean sleeping in, followed by the pleasures forgotten and set aside.
Instead I now wake early, or through the night plagued by the constant concern for those who rot in detention at my government’s pleasure.
Most horrifying is that our leaders seem to enjoy the power of inflicting pain on others and totally controlling our response. It seems that they need our capitulation to believe in themselves.
Do they think we their citizenry are stupid?
Do they wan’t to build a cruel nation?
Do they gain pleasure through torturing the defenceless other?
Do they need this senseless, costly, inhumane torture to get their rocks off?
And not least. Why do we allow them to behave in this manner?
Are we in fact the racists bigots that the rest of the world now scorns?
Come on people do this for yourself.
We all need self respect to thrive.

Bill and Mal thanks for making it absolutely clear
The Greens, Xenophon and the minor parties
are the only REAL alternative in these elections
Labour has sacrificed morality to self-interest.

 Jill Parris's photo.

a bit early for 18 sleeps
Paul had a Damascus experience so why our recalcitrant

Jill Parris's photo.

 June 12 · Melbourne ·

19 sleeps

Seems like Mohammed Ali had a lot to teach us and especially about integrity.
So take note Malcolm and Bill:

“He taught us life is best when we build bridges between people, not walls.”

Jill Parris's photo.

June 11 · Melbourne ·

21 sleeps
OK Mr Turnbull here are a some facts about asylum seeker’s the SCARY OTHERS:
*Polls now indicate that half of the Australia’s voters do not believe your propaganda that locking asylum seekers up to save their lives is valid.
*We know that the very small proportion of the world’s refugees who come to Australia do so by boat to flee wars and devastation.
*That many of the people who flee by boat do so because despite knowing the risks that they might die at sea they have no other choice except death.
*They believe Australia is a safe haven because we have signed conventions which indicate that we wish to help.
Taking these facts into account is it perhaps time for you to look at the scary image of the other.
For many of us THIS OTHER is YOU sir.
Jill Parris's photo.

Please share widely. This is the nub of our problem.

After a deeply troubled childhood and adolescence, Kon Karapanagiotidis found a powerful vocation in voluntary work. Fifteen years ago he founded the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre which has now helped thousands of people find their feet in Australia.

‪#‎OnePlusOne‬, with Jane Hutcheon ABC Presenter and Journalist
Friday 10am @ABCTV & Saturday 5.30pm ABC News 24

June 10 · Melbourne ·

21 sleeps


What they say is “violence is a choice not an instinct.”

“It is never acceptable and no woman ever invites it or deserves it.”

Excusing violence undermines support for the notion that it is a choice and that people using it ought to be held accountable.…/2014-09-18/charts…to-violence-ag…/5750014


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 June 9 · Melbourne ·

22 sleeps

Pitty our politicians didn’t pass philosophy 101.

“There is a way for us to think this through, to work with local communities in the region, to work with governments, to develop a policy that is good for the long-term and does not use people as human shields,” Lawrence told New Matilda.

“The moral argument is: we punish these people, we use them as deterrence for those who might come. That’s the sort of ethical dilemma that people study in philosophy in their first year of university. They come out on the side of seeing that as a totally inappropriate moral equivalence.”

Thank you Lynne Murphy for alerting us to this article…/australia-using-refugees-human-sh…/

Jill Parris's photo.

June 8 · Melbourne ·

Extract taken from a post about an incident in Nauru

“One refugee is very serious in fly camp. We call Connect to do something for him. They told us they sending response.”
“We wait more than five hours but they didn’t come.”
“We don’t know what is wrong. He can’t walk, can’t talk. He only moved his lips.”
“Then we put him in car and took him to Connect office and left him there in front outside because we don’t know what to do. One of Connect lady was there.”
” We left one guy there to see the Connect response.”

Jill Parris's photo.

 June 8 · Melbourne ·

23 sleeps

Letter sent to Lucy Turnbull

The Lodge
Adelaide Ave, Deakin ACT 2600

7th June 2016.

Dear Lucy,

It is with great trepidation that I write to you today and I am sorry that I must do so publicly.
I have been an advocate for the people held in detention by our government for a a long while and throughout this time I have attempted to remain considered and respectful of all.
In doing this I have communicated only with one man on Manus because he befriended me a while ago but have always tried to be circumspect in any interaction because I am concerned that I not exacerbate an already difficult situation by promising or encouraging detainees when the government has been so adamant that not one boat person detained offshore will come to Australia.
This has been difficult as I have quaked with anger on many occasions at the totally inhumane and unjust way Australia treats people who have simply come here to seek asylum. Something they are legally justified in doing because we are signatories to conventions that have offered safe haven to those who are genuine refugees.
I come to you today because I was asked by my friend to share his and the plight of his friends as widely as possible.
Since receiving this request I cannot get one refrain out of my head.
“Were you there when they crucified my Lord.”

I am here and I know with all my being that what we as Australians are doing is precisely that.
We are standing by while innocent vulnerable people are losing their minds, bodies and souls because we hold them in indefinite detention without affording them the protection they are due, again under conventions that Australia has signed.
So I ask you, Lucy, knowing that this crosses many boundaries to ask your God to help us save these people before it is too late.
Again I apologise for seeking audience with Malcolm through you but I know of no other way that will work so as a believer I must try.
Thank you in anticipation.

Dr. Jill Parris.

Jill Parris's photo.

June 5 ·

Dear Manus and Nauru Heroes,

I usually leave your care to the few dedicated advocates who know each of you by name and focus my energies on trying to drive change in Australia.

Tonight however I know that sleep will not come if I do not first say to you in a loud, clear voice. I am with you. I admire and respect your dignity and resilience in the face of my governments obscene behaviour and I thank God for each one of you. You are each worthy of respect and love.

Please know that I think continually about your plight, speak out on your behalf, do everything I can to keep your circumstances public and pray for your freedom from my government’s oppression.

I wish you were in Australia and able to begin living.

I understand that things in detention are getting more out of control and dangerous so I encourage each of you to keep strong and safe.

Would it not be wonderful if you had your freedom soon. I hope always for this. Be at peace my friends.


 June 7 · Melbourne ·

I need to add somthing in the light of what is happening on Manus but also in other detention centres.

There are many of us who hate what our government is doing. I wish to add my voice to those on this clip.

Jill Parris

We welcome asylum seekers to our communities, and demand that the Australian Minister for Immigration and the Australian Government end offshore processing a…

 June 7 · Melbourne ·


A friend from Manus has asked me to tell as many as possible about his plight.

I have seen several other posts on this matter so I raise my voice with theirs.

Jill Parris's photo.

June 7 · Melbourne ·

The 12 incher with turkey filling isn’t available until 10.30 am. Sorry!

Jill Parris's photo.

June 7 · Melbourne ·


When I first arrived in Australia from South Africa 36 years ago I was bereft because people here thought my sarcastic sense of humor was too cutting to be funny.

Now I find people relate to my edgy humour, and am sad. Sad because I realise that people now relate to it because things in Australia have deteriorated
to the point where it is easier to laugh than to cry. It is like being in Apartheid South Africa all over again.

How I wish people didn’t relate to the humour of the absurd.

 June 7 · Melbourne ·

24 sleeps

There was a time when this country had true leadership.

Now an incompetent posse of micromanages, who know very little about government, follow media shapers who are directed by overseas interests to manipulate us.

Oh how I long for leaders with vision who understood Australia and contributed to the world with integrity.

Jill Parris's photo.

June 6 · Melbourne ·

25 sleeps


I leave the politics of racism and asylum today because I believe this issue affects us all.

Mr Turnbull tells us it is imperative to rebuild to the point where Australia’s budget is balanced.

Yet another of the lies used to control our thinking. A balanced budget means nothing if our assets are stripped and the building of infrastructure is neglected to achieve this.

My understanding is that Australia will be worse off if we own nothing.

Your 2016 budget is predicated on using 50+ billion dollars to reduce company tax to generate a trickle down affect. I believe this theory has been disproved and I cannot believe that you do not know this.

By changing the definition of what constitutes a small company you extend your lie. How will the trickle down effect (even if it were true) benefit Australia when a large proportion of the profits will go overseas to multinational corporations?

Finally I bring to your attention companies who exploit workers. Will they also get the tax benefits? An example Kleangroup company is discussed in the accompanying podcast.…/podcast/2016/06/bbg_20160605_……/chafta-has-opened-door-to

Will they benefit from your reduction of their taxes?

So I ask you the reader WHO is undermining Australia?

Please use your preferences to hang parliament.

June 2 · Melbourne ·

FB Friends, Friends of friends
Australian Citizens

Dear Friend
I have arrived home from watching Chasing Asylum distraught and so angry I feel I will explode. I saw nothing in the film that I have not heard of or seen before but somehow this quiet truth telling has touched me at a new depth.
I have felt deep concern for the time of the Tampa about a growing racism in Australia. In the past ten years I have worked with refugees, seen their anguish and taken this passion into the depths of my being but what I know after viewing Chasing Asylum is profound and shocking.
I now know that the evil perpetrated by our leaders may affect fewer people but is measured on on a the same scale as slavery, the atrocities that Martin Luther King marched against, apartheid and yes the holocaust. People’s bodies souls and spirits are crushed in our name.
You may question my supposition and I will understand if you believe I have lost it ,“gone overboard”. However I challenge you to see the film, grapple honestly with the issue and find me wrong.
If what I say is true it is incumbent on us all to take responsibility for overturning this evil. Voting is not enough, we need to stop the bastards dragging us into depravity and replace our feelings of impotence with action.
We must find a Wilberforce, a Martin Luther King, or a Mandela among us. Where are you? Let us stand against our leaders who shepherd us toward ruin.
Share this letter with others, speak to you neighbours, friends, and enemies, drag them to Chasing Asylum and talk, talk talk.
Together we must find compassion, stop fighting other people’s wars and welcome Australia’s share of strangers and the dispossessed.
But first let us welcome all in detention, rehabilitate those we have harmed and reestablish rule of law.
Sincerely yours,
Jill Parris.

June 5 ·

Dear Manus and Nauru Heroes,

I usually leave your care to the few dedicated advocates who know each of you by name and focus my energies on trying to drive change in Australia.

Tonight however I know that sleep will not come if I do not first say to you in a loud, clear voice. I am with you. I admire and respect your dignity and resilience in the face of my governments obscene behaviour and I thank God for each one of you. You are each worthy of respect and love.

Please know that I think continually about your plight, speak out on your behalf, do everything I can to keep your circumstances public and pray for your freedom from my government’s oppression.

I wish you were in Australia and able to begin living.

I understand that things in detention are getting more out of control and dangerous so I encourage each of you to keep strong and safe.

Would it not be wonderful if you had your freedom soon. I hope always for this. Be at peace my friends.


 June 5 · Melbourne ·

26 sleeps

From democracy to Democracy!

Dear Mr Turnbull

Above you see my first response to an article I read. Now however I see this as me reacting from within a paradigm of democracy. “I” now speak to you from my own experience.

Yesterday at a talk on Iranian oppression it was argued that Iranian leadership has perfected control by blocking Iranian citizens capacity to see themselves as “I” and replacing personal experience with a NEWSPEAK which cements a view of life dictated by the leadership. They no longer experience for themselves and thus lose their capacity to think for themselves.

So sir I come back to your comments and speak from my own experience. Under Julia’s hung parliament I saw a remarkable Prime Minister govern and not dictate. She consulted respectfully and managed to move climate change, education and disability services towards genuine reform.

Unfortunately for Australia your party won government and has worked to dismantle everything she achieved. Not only have you done this but have simultaneously blown Australia’s deficit by feathering the nest of the Liberal party and the rich.

In your present campaigning Sir you attempt to move government into a new paradigm by redefining and telling the electorate to think from your TRUTH. This moves us into totalitarianism.

Do not lie to us that you have our best interests at heart, understand and are fiscally response. You now create your own “truth” and demand that we comply.

I do not accept your grabs at absolute power.

Try as you may to destroy our democracy “I” for one will go with my experience and vote to hang parliament and take back the power my democracy afford me as citizen.
Yours sincerely,

Dr.Jill Parris.

Jill Parris's photo.

June 4 · Melbourne ·

On cold day I like to snug in and listen.
This one brought tears to my eyes.
There are still many kids in community detention and we must not forget the brave souls on Manus and Nauru.

“A movement for ordinary Australians who want both sides of politics to hear us when we say we believe we can do better than we are currently doing when it c…

 June 4 ·

Just so you know what you are doing Mr. Turnbull.
Behrouz Boochani
22 hrs ·
Manus prison is even more of a hellish prison now. They have cut the power again. With this heat, we feel like we are living in the centre of a fire. They sometimes use the power as a tool of punishment. In Oscar compound/prison there is no shade and we must stay under the extreme blaze of the sun shine.I am sure that their plan is to make people angry so to create some kind of violence before the election. Last week they changed the rules every day about the mess, Internet, class, gym. Each day we get up there are different rules.

June 4 · Melbourne ·

27 sleeps

A May Morgan poll tells us that 43% of Labor voters oppose Manus Island detainees coming to Australia.

To hang parliament we must convince these voters that they cannot vote for a party who will not immediately bring the asylum seekers incarcerated, tortured and traumatised on Manus and Nauru to Australia and take responsibility for their rehabilitation.

Jill Parris's photo.

 June 3 · Melbourne ·


View the following clip. It was produced on 31 July 2015 but the facts have changed very little.

“We’re In This Together” A personal exploration of facts and attempt to clarify mis-information being spread by individuals, media and government. This is my…


June 3 ·

28 sleeps
Many of you may have seen this clip but I share it again now because of it’s relevance.
The importance of principles is that they set a hard sharp line so that you know when you have crossed it.
Without that evil creeps up on us in a series of small shuffling steps.
This Ted’s talk shows unpacks these small steps.

 June 3 · Melbourne ·

28 sleeps
Many of you may have seen this clip but I share it again now because of it’s relevance.
The importance of principles is that they set a hard sharp line so that you know when you have crossed it.
Without that evil creeps up on us in a series of small shuffling steps.
This Ted’s talk shows unpacks these small steps. Philip Zimbardo knows how easy it is for nice people to turn bad. In this talk, he shares insights and graphic unseen photos from the Abu …


June 2 · Melbourne ·

FB Friends, Friends of friends
Australian Citizens

Dear Friend
I have arrived home from watching Chasing Asylum distraught and so angry I feel I will explode. I saw nothing in the film that I have not heard of or seen before but somehow this quiet truth telling has touched me at a new depth.
I have felt deep concern from the time of the Tampa about a growing racism in Australia. In the past ten years I have worked with refugees, seen their anguish and taken this passion into the depths of my being but what I know after viewing Chasing Asylum is profound and shocking.
I now know that the evil perpetrated by our leaders may affect fewer people but is measured on on a the same scale as slavery, the atrocities that Martin Luther King marched against, apartheid and yes the holocaust. People’s bodies souls and spirits are crushed in our name.
You may question my supposition and I will understand if you believe I have lost it ,“gone overboard”. However I challenge you to see the film, grapple honestly with the issue and find me wrong.
If what I say is true it is incumbent on us all to take responsibility for overturning this evil. Voting is not enough, we need to stop the bastards dragging us into depravity and replace our feelings of impotence with action.
We must find a Wilberforce, a Martin Luther King, or a Mandela among us. Where are you? Let us stand against our leaders who shepherd us toward ruin.
Share this letter with others, speak to you neighbours, friends, and enemies, drag them to Chasing Asylum and talk, talk talk.
Together we must find compassion, stop fighting other people’s wars and welcome Australia’s share of strangers and the dispossessed.
But first let us welcome all in detention, rehabilitate those we have harmed and reestablish rule of law.
Sincerely yours,
Jill Parris.

June 2 ·

Jill Parris
22 May at 19:12 · Melbourne, VIC

Dear Friends on Manus, Nauru, in detention in Australia or waiting for visas that never seem to come.

I find it excruciating to stop and focus on your anxiety. I cannot begin to understand the traumas you have faced, the torture for some, the exhaustion of endless waiting, the separation from friends and loved ones and all the other pain that comes with flight, loss of identity and loss of connection. I know that these erode your souls. How can we expect that at the end of your excruciating journeys you stand strong in the face of our governments indifference.

Our government seems to be unconcerned about our complicity in your flight and of their broken promises of Asylum. We seem to forget that we are part of the unstoppable war machines which make money from the wars you flee. We forget our compassion and blame you the victims.

I hate that so many of us benefit from war without thinking of the cost, not to us but to you. I abhor the sophisticated contorted vocabulary of untruth cobbled together and peddled in the name of peace. I hate that we treat you who come to us as strangers with such disdain.

I will keep reminding my government of their violations of international law and of their breaches of conventions they have signed. I will remind them of the cost this exacts from you who are innocents seeking our protection.

I despair for you and I say sorry. I wish there was more I could do but for now please hear my humble apology.
You are in my thoughts and prayers.

Jill Parris

 June 2 · Melbourne ·

29 sleeps

I am hoping that the one thing that has changed since this Clark and Dawe’s video is that we the voting public have had enough and will vote against the politicians who peddle the asylum seeker gaff. Lets use our preferences to hang parliament.

John Clarke and Bryan Dawe on politics and asylum seekers.


 June 1 · Melbourne ·

30 sleeps

Jill Parris's photo.


There is a post for each day of the election campaign.